Hi All,
I have an application which can be viewed in English and Spanish.A dropdown is provided at login page for this.

Suppose i have started the server and logged in with Spanish then i am getting the sessionTime out expiry window popup in Spanish.(this is fine).

But when i log out and login with english option i am getting the sessionTimeout expiry window in Spanish(not correct as it is expected to display in english).

Rest all pages coming fine except the Sessiontimeout expiry window.My application make use of window.showModelDialog().

The JSP which is loaded make use of getLocale() and accordingly it display the page based on selected language.

Now the problem is that this JSP is executed only once when window.showModelDialog()is encountered for the first time and after that same contents is displayed for how many times window.showModelDialog()is encoutered with different language selection.Can anybody help me to solve this bug.

Thanks in advance,