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    Psychic Medium Online Directory Website

    Website URL : www.whoispsychic.co.uk
    Type: Online Psychic Medium Directory

    This is only a few days old. I made it for a client then they let me down on the payment and because it was drawing ALOT of attention I decided to put some of my own time in it. But now maybe its a little too much and needs to go into the hands of someone that knows this line of field a bit better.

    Its basically a website that looks to allow psychic mediums a place to build up a positive profile without the ability to have bias testimonials and information as all the comments will be in your hands. As you can see the comments/testimonials can be left via a Facebook account also (the same can be done with twitter and other social networking websites).

    It runs a Content Management System called Joomla! so it is easy to use and maintain. Also the directory used is the Business Directory application from Zoo (yootheme).

    It also currently has Google analytics and adSense.The site has made around 2 per day since it went live. If you wish you can ask for the analytics.

    I also started up a Facebook account as a marketing and advertisement tool. That's going well with 193 friends to date and between 5/10 friend requests per day.

    Let me know if your interested and I'll let you know a little more and give you a preview of the administrator back-end ect.
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    Re: Psychic Medium Online Directory Website

    do you still have the site?
    Can you share some stats of the site also please?

    Furthermore let me know what price you had in mind.


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