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Thread: xml help

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    xml help

    I am just learning flash and I'm just curious about something. I have Flash FX and it has little lessons and everything but I'm trying to build a drop down menu which will go on a paged framed.
    <?xml version="1.0"?>
    <NAV main_onColor="#000033" main_offColor="#003333" sub_onColor="#006633" sub_offColor="#006666" navWidth="150" fadeTime="22" lineWidth="150" main_y_padding="4" sub_y_padding="2" sub_indent="10">
    <MAIN text="Street Racing" expand="false">
    <SUB text="Aftermarket Parts" URL=" " target="_main"></SUB>

    Ok thats what I'm on and I get everything but, first I have a framed page with a header.html and main.html. This menu is going on the header.html and I want it to open in main, so first off is target="_main"> correct? And yes I named the frame "main". Second, do I need to use the entire url or can I just use the directory? Can I just type
    URL="srafter_home.html" ?

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    if the fram is named 'main' then the target will need to be 'main'. The preceding _ char is only for specials like _blank .
    You should be able to use just the directory. Its called a relative path.

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