In a nutshell. I have a php variable called $photo and it is initially assigned the value of "intro". Further down the variable is called under the id=photo_. I then unset the variable right after. Then I reset the variable at the bottom of the page withing a do-while loop, so each div assigns the variable a specific value depending on the css image I want to display. I have an onclick event to an external javascript that changes which div is displayed based on id number and I want the value that I assigned to the variable $photo within that div to replace the value at the top of the page. I am at my wits end, I have literally spent a week messing with this.


<?php $photo = "intro"; ?>



<div id="wrapper">
  <?php include("_includes/header.php"); ?>
  <?php include("_includes/menu.php"); ?>
  <div id="bioContentArea">
    <div id="roundedTop"> <img src="images/contentHeader.gif" /> </div>
    <div id="Photo_<?php echo $photo; ?>">&nbsp;</div>
	  <?php unset($photo); ?>
    <div class="paperclip"><img src="images/paperClip.gif" /></div>
     <div id="staffDirectory">
     <?php do { ?>
       <li><a href="#" onclick="switchUp('ABH_<?php echo $row_rsDirectory['bioId']; ?>', previousPage);"><?php echo $row_rsDirectory['bioLastName']; ?>, <?php echo $row_rsDirectory['bioFirstName']; ?></a>[<?php echo $row_rsDirectory['bioTitle']; ?>]<br /><br /></li>
      <?php } while ($row_rsDirectory = mysql_fetch_assoc($rsDirectory)); ?>
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    <!-- end of serviceHomepage box -->
    <div id="intro">
    <h1>Our Employees</h1>
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   <?php do { ?>
   <div id="ABH_<?php echo $row_rsBioStuff['bioId'];?>">
   <h1><?php echo $row_rsBioStuff['bioFirstName']; ?> <?php echo $row_rsBioStuff['bioLastName']; ?> [<?php echo $row_rsBioStuff['bioTitle'];?>]</h1>
   <p> <?php echo $row_rsBioStuff['bioDescription'];?></p>
   <?php $photo=$row_rsBioStuff['bioId']; ?>
   <?php echo $photo; ?>
  <?php } while ($row_rsBioStuff = mysql_fetch_assoc($rsBioStuff)); ?>