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    Exclamation Same Header/Side Bar On Every Page

    Hey Guys,

    I was thinking of a new layout that doesn't have iFrames or regular Frames. But I want to have the same header and side bar and stuff on every page without having to edit each page when I need to update the navigation. I know there is frames, and iframes but some browsers don't support these and I want a web site that is supported by almost all browsers (maybe not possible)...anyway, is there a way? Sometimes I see ppl do it with php...but i dunno php or anything...

    Can anyone help me!??! Thanks Guys,


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    They are called includes . you can do it a few ways (including javascript, but that is not seamless and effects the search engines) .

    To do it in php, your page has to end in .php so the server knows to treat it as such. The command itself is very simple -

    PHP Code:
    <? include("included_page.php"); ?>
    on a .asp or .shtml page, you can do it like this -

    <!--#include file="included_page.html" -->
    try them out, thye save a lot of work.
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