I know there are methods of doing very complex things using javascript, but the code always baffles me.

Each time I see an example of code that performs something I need it has always included ten times as much more that I don't need and I get headaches trying to work out how to adapt it.

I was asked to reorder the sequence of news articles in a sequentially viewed list, so that it would start with the latest.

But this would mean links in each document would need to be changed each time a new article is added.

The answer I thought would be to assign a variable in a common CSS or JS file, changeable to the latest htm in the sequence, or a means to build a usable string comprised of the common part of the filename plus a numeric, or alphanumeric, suffix.

An example of the code

<option value="../media_coverage/media_coverage_1.htm">Media Coverage

Is it possible to build the filename from a common external variable or return one in a javascript function
(in some cases the filename may include a suffix eg media_coverage_11a)