Ok I'll try to be clear for this.
I am not an HTML programmer but started to do some small pages here and there.

Now I need to create something for my job more open than what I did at first.

I can create many links that would open the url I want.
Instead, I want the customer to enter a part of the url.

The url would be this:$MA.cfg

I want the IP part ( to be form input.

Basically this is a VoIP server where our SPA2102 downloads their config file. When our customer receives a blank ATA by mistake, instead of shipping a new one we could ask him to go to a page, fill the form and the ATA would go and get his config file.

My reason why is within the years, we have customers with,, + customized by customer IP.

So instead of having different link on the web page, I'd like a form where the final url when cliking Go would use what the customer puts in.

What I'd like is a way to use something like this but I don't know how to code it.

Variable A= http://

Variable B= input form

Variable C= /admin/resync?https://prov.domainname.net/spa$MA.cfg

Go Button

Click go = A&B&C

It would then brings a password box where our technician on the phone with the customer could tell him to enter.

Any help would be appreciated

Thanks and I have been reading so much here but haven't found a way to do this yet.