I am not sure if I am allowed to do this. If not can someone just let me know where I can go to get a person to set my page up.

I need to know how much it will cost for you to set up one page in wordpress. I am selling my collection of pictures. I just want a header with the name I have picked, 10 rows of how many will fit of my pictures across the page. I would like to set it up so that I can add more pictures and delete the ones I have sold and each picture will need a little writing under each one like - Mother & Baby 7x5 by Dick Smith - No 23 so when they are sold I can replace them with others or add more to my one page. Then on the bottom of the one page a few details about the collection and a email address to send messages with the customers offer. That is all, just basic and simple for me. When they click the picture it enlarges so they see the picture bigger say 7 x 5.

I need web server that I pay each month with a domain name. I do not want blogs where people write messages or anything like that and I want to keep it private do that I only give the site to those I want to. In other words I do not want it advertised or promoted, I know it will show on the net which is not a problem, I just do not want to pay for it to be advertised. Thanks and I wait for your quote.
One color background with a title white on blue. I know that most web masters do not like to take on jobs as it can take more time up than the customer knows. But I am serious and all I need is a set us and just basic instructions to put items up and take them down.
1. Set up wordpress ( I will need a web server not expensive with free domain name)

2. One color background light to medium blue with white writing.

3. Set up boxes for me to add my pictures to and when you click them you can see them in large size 7 x 5.

4. A few lines and I mean a few lines which I will write and you will copy and paste at the bottom with a email click for them to click and send a message with their offer. Or if it is simple they can click which pictures they want and it will be added to the email message and then they can send it off to me. If this cannot be done then just an email they can add what they want to it.
Thank you