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    Php info page not showing

    I hope someone can shed light on my problem,
    I have been following the book PHP solutions in trying to set up php along with apache and Mysql,
    Apache goes on fine and the page "It Works" also comes up, however after loading php and following all the steps in the book to set up php with apache through the config file, and following each step explicitly,
    not only does apache stop working but the page phpinfo does not show either but a 404 error comes up in explorer or an oops in firefox,
    can anybody help

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    Re: Php info page not showing

    If you have access to the command line on the machine you have installed PHP on, run the following command:

    php -i

    That will tell you if PHP is installed correctly.

    My guess is that the file you are calling is not in your web root as defined in Apache. Verify those things and let me know the results.