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    php ikariam / tribal wars/ travian unqiue game script system

    Are you looking for a script advanced game like Ikariam for sale? After you were looking for full network systems and see that everything is fraud and failures and open source systems complete with bugs? This is the place! This script is offered for sale includes rights to all. Game for Sale! The game is advanced browser game programmed in PHP and MYSQL. It took me eight months to program it, I decided to sell it because I need money .. I sell only one copy of the game.
    - Four types of resources and population score
    - Map space have 576X576 places!!! in one game server its can have: 331,776 players!! and the sql siz will be just 10 MB!!!
    The game is an independent source and not with glitches and bugs like imitations of: inn / Travian with full of bugs ..
    to buy the game please contact me at email:
    selling one copy with rights!
    game live demo:
    selling one copy only and the game comes with rights!
    I will desing u new graphics by ur request and can make this game popular as tribalwars in 2 weeks
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