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    Floating Top Bar

    I'm not sure if this code would be javascript or not, but I'd like a script for a customizeable, full-length (horizontally) top bar - something similar to the "HelloBar" (hellobar-dot-com) but without the ability to close/hide it. I'd like it to remain at the top of the browser window even when you scroll down, like it's on top of the page. A shadow underneath it would be nice, but if it's too complicated to code, it's not necessary. But I would like to be able to customize it completely - background color/image, vertical size, content in it (images, text and links), etc... I hope someone can help. Thanks.

    EDIT: Nevermind. HelloBar has a "premium" option that allows you to customize the script. I'll just pay for that. Thanks anyway.
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    Re: Floating Top Bar

    Hi there lasko,
    I'll just pay for that
    Are you sure, I can show you the code for nothing.