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    Price calculator

    Hi guys first time poster here.
    I am looking for some help with a site im building.
    I need to create a code that will allow users to input the size of a banner that they want and then create a price for said banner.
    e.g. 2 m x 2m = £xx
    I have found a site that has the feature im looking for but cant work out how its done, can anyone help?

    This site has what im after on the home page.

    Many thanks in advance, Kev.
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    Re: Price calculator

    You wanted to know how they do it. They are using a form to pass data to a dynamic Active Server Page, as hinted by the page ending in .asp instead of .htm

    <h3>Price Calculator</h3
    <form action="banner_calculator.asp" method="post" id="calcform">
    <li class="calculate"><button type="submit" value="calculate" name="submit">Calculate Price</button></li>

    You could also use PHP to be the page to which you "post" the form data, if that is available on your website host. Some hosts let you use one or the other. Most forbid it for security reasons.

    Bottom line. They don't have what you want on their home page, and there isn't any HTML code you can copy and paste.

    In another question "code for website calculator" it was suggested javascript could do it. See the link there.

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