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  1. Problem w/Microsoft Publisher website    Forum: HTML Forum
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  2. Microsoft Publisher web upload problem    Forum: HTML Forum
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    filezilla transfer Publisher webfile question

    I use Publisher for my website and transfer files with filezilla.
    Until today, all was good, but I accidentally held down the control & cap lock keys when transferring from local to remote site (should have held down the control/shift key)This caused a reorganization of my web files and now the pages are listed separate from their corresponding images. I frequently update a page or two and now cannot identify which images belong to which page and as a result have to transfer many image files unnecessarily.
    Can anyone tell me how to rectify this and get my local files organized with pages & their images listed together again?
    Thank you. Your assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: filezilla transfer Publisher webfile question

    Filezilla is best software to upload website.After it you can change or update website in any time.Filezilla is best companion of a developer.In this just you can provide host name and password and port to connect your website.