Internet T1 and Internet T3 lines (also referred to as T-line connections) are telephone lines comprised of either fiber optic or copper wires that offer 24 DS-0 channels. These channels permit data and voice transmissions at speeds ranging from 1.5 Mega bits per second (for Internet T1 lines) to 45 Mega bits per second (for Internet T3 lines), making them exceptionally faster than alternative services, such as DSL or cable.
Along with faster transmission speeds, Internet T1 and Internet T3 lines allow you to conduct multiple local and long distances telephone calls simultaneously without requiring the installation of any additional wires. This saves your company from having to pay for additional installation fees and costly phone charges.
There are a range of T-line connection types available:
  • Fractional T-line connection
  • Full T-line connection
  • Integrated T-line connection
  • Bonded T-line connection
  • Dynamic T-line connection
  • Voice T-line connection

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