Welcome Site Pro News members, quite a surprise to look at my logs this morning and to see a bunch of people coming from Site Pro News front page. SPN is the very first newsletter I signed up for when putting my first site together, an invaluable tool to say the least. It is an honor to have such an intelligent group of people select AHFB as the site of the day,a very nice addition to the list of great sites which have featured AHFB (Lycos, Spaceports, ODP...).

To those of you coming from SPN that are already experts in any particular field of webmastering hit the contact button below and let me know who you are and where your expertise lies. I know SPN breeds pros, the kind of pros we as a community need to take our website to the next level.

I am looking forward to all visitors from Site Pro News becoming members of our forums and the great knowledge you have to share.


Dave Bailey