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    Question to comma or not to comma

    I read in your makeover for Quiet Dean that you thinks commas in keyword lists are no longer the way to go. OK, but in that case would you simplify a list such as mine (from my index page) to eliminate all repeated words? Thanks.

    personalized gifts, PERSONALIZED GIFTS, greeting cards, GREETING CARDS, family portrait ideas, portrait ideas, PORTRAIT IDEAS, photo collage, fine art collage, CUSTOMIZED PHOTO, customized photos, digital photography, photos into art, transforming photos, keepsake, problem photo, original designs, custom portrait, custom samples, PORTRAIT, portrait, photo problems, problems, PHOTO PROBLEMS, free e-cards

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    Google doesn't use meta keywords for indexing a webpage. Infact, unless you have registered with DMOZ, it will not parse your description tag either. As a rule of thumb, it reads the title tag, header tags and body text. Frequent alliteration of a keyword in relevent body text is what you want to have. BTW, "personalized gifts" and "PERSONALIZED GIFTS" are the same. Indexing is case insensitive except for maybe proper nouns and you should only repeat a keyword three times in your keyword meta tag including in a phrase. One thing a keyword meta tag is used for is to cull out keyword spammers who are simply trying to get a higher listing via multiple instances of a keyword. This is also true for spamming keywords in comment tags. To get a little technical here, commas and most entities are removed when a page is indexed/parsed and replaced with spaces. The file is then treated as a string variable and content is evaluated via string functions to pull out the data needed to list a page. If a keyword shows up multiple times and has no relevance to the pages overall content or it is a poorly coded page, it may stop indexing and kick it out.
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