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    Faux pas or The One That Got Away

    After participating in THIS THREAD I got to thinking about the little mistakes that make people slap themselves on the head and say "Oh I didn't...did I?" when they recall them later.

    I thought a thread about everyone's minor disasters from days gone by might provide some comic relief.

    My worst faux pas, professionally anyhow, was probably when, as an aspiring concert photographer I had the choice one sunny Saturday to either go to one of my best friends' wedding or go photograph a new, up-coming band from the USA who were playing a medium-sized club in Manchester, England.

    I agonized over it for a week and only made the final decision when I was actually half way to Manchester.

    "What the heck," I reasoned as I turned the car around and headed back to Bolton, "this is my friend we're talking about here and, anyway, how far can a band go with a silly name like Guns'n'Roses?"

    Anyone else?

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    lol! I like that one...

    Mines much more boring, I am afraid.

    I had taken a support call which involved having to check the power cable on one of our customers servers. I was talking a young lady thru which wires etc.

    Me: "Okay, you have the mains cable in front of you, yes?"

    Customer: "Yes. I can see it."

    Me: "Great, grab the plug and make sure its plugged in, no loose wires or anything.

    Customer: "I think there are some loose wires, but I can't see properly, the Water Machine is in the way"

    Me: "Water machine! Oh my god, you keep you mains plugs by a water machine? Thats REALLY dangerous!"

    Customer: "I'll just move it out of the *BANG* *FIZZLE*"

    And the phone went dead. Luckily, she was only lightly shocked (circuit breaker cut in) but it killed the phone system and they could not trade for three days.

    Boy, was I popular. They were CONVINCED it was my fault! A water machine!
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    (Oh, good the instant reply box is back.)

    How about someone who watched Microsoft from the 1970s when both Bill Gates and I were in Albuquerque at the same time but never met or otherwise had anything to do with each other and I bought and sold a whole bunch of stock but never any Microsoft - always kept telling myself it was a good one to watch. (Buying a stock and holding, of course, keeps one more up to date on the stock splits that are oftentimes missed by merely watching the stock price over time.)

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    Well.. it cost me a promotion, but it's kinda lame..

    After seal coating a parking lot, we tape it off so moron's dont drive on it for about 24 hours..

    My boss finnaly left me with a few guys under me to do a lot by ourselves.. we finished.. it was -perfect-

    Next morning, i took a visit, and to my horror, I realized I never taped the thing off.. tire marks EVERYWHERE!!! even spots were some teenies decided it would be cool to do some burnouts on the freash sealer... damn

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