Please forgive me this is my first post here, but, I am having some problems with a redirect page.

The problem seems to be due to the need to pass dynamic parameters onto the destination page.

The page to which I need to direct traffic to is:

however, the referring links are derived and served by my system from this:

The destination page will not recognise the dynamic parameter (inserted into {affiliate_id} unless it is stated after a "/"), however, in my redirect attempts the "/" denotes a different directory and hence my problems.

Each affiliate is assigned their own individual codes by the system to direct to the destination page, so, the {affiliate_id} changes for each affiliate, so, their actual link may look like //can/signup/1002.

I need to create a page to divert clicks and pass the {affiliate_id} into the destination page for recording by the registration form and assigning referrals to the correct affiliate.

I apologise if any of this is not clear, please feel free to ask any questions, if not clear, I will explain what I am able. I DO NOT own the CAN domain, I have used it as a shortened example in place of the real domain name.

Thanks in advance for your help