eDomz.com gives you money through your own website or blog traffic. It give you pop-up code as you can place it in your website and eDomz.com gives you money when user enter site and see pop-up window.

Recommended Features :

It is free to join for publisher
Turn traffic into revenue
Competitive revenue sharing
minimum payout 10$ only
Receive payment Net15
They accept all site.
Publishers can limit the pop under per user
Publishers can set the pop under to be auto or by clicking
publisher get 10% from their referral

Review on edomz.com

Founded in 2005, eDomz.com is a technology driven online advertising company that enables direct marketers and internet retailers to maximize their profits by providing professional strategy and high quality services.

This site gives you money when
you simply put there ads code in your blog and websites. As like Google ad-sense program. But it is loose in term of your website traffic for approval so you can easily approved by this site and start making money.

You don't wait for click on any ads for earning like google adsense. It needs click on ads placed on your site by google. In edomz you only get earning when user see pop up ads as only browser pop-up blocker need to be allowable to site or click on your site anywhere.

Edomz also gives 10% commission on other referrals for life time.