Hello there, my name is -.dam0 and currently i am starting up a small hobby like community. This site is intended to be a resourceful hub of information for anyone who is still running legacy operating systems in the modern world. There will be alot of guides in the knowledge base that should help everyone boot those legacy operating systems and hit the web in style.

We aren't strictly focused on Operating systems either. There is a lot of old games out there that still have a large online community and players willing to play. We also take interest in legacy network clients and protocols, as well as sharing classic applications and/or abandon-ware with these protocols.

I have tons of rare files (legal) and gems im going to host for members to download and share (via hotline, wired, kdx, ftp, etc). So i am going to need help organizing and sorting as well as maintaining some of these servers. Im not worried about making or spending money on the site, I just need a team of enthusiastic individuals such as my self to help with the various parts of the site as well as maintaining and moderating. Ive got a site up right now, head over to [B]legacy-os.com[/B] and tell me what you think. (id hopefully like to have an irc channel up as well)