While Apple fans are looking forward to a new generation of iPhone, they are certainly right about the news of Apple's new tablet interest. If the rumors are true, Apple will announce the new Tablet PCs in October.A lot on the Internet purportedly iPad Air 2 electronic components and assemblies picture has emerged. Today, emerging on the Internet allegedly iPad Air 2 after the shell of the picture.

From the leaked pictures iPad Air 2 not have any groundbreaking changes. iPad Air design two seem similar to iPad Air, iPad Air borrows many elements of iPad Mini.

The picture shows the back of the microphone will be moved to the upper middle position next to the camera, volume control buttons may be located in a low recess.

Judging from the picture, this may be the new Apple 9.7 inches tablet shell. Yesterday, the media quoted reliable sources as saying that Apple is developing a 12.9 inches of iPad, release time is the end of this year or the first quarter of next year.

Usually release new products on the eve of the apple, similar components leaked picture will "dime a dozen." Even if the picture itself is real, our attitude towards them should be retained. Because Apple never comment on rumors relating to new products, so the sources of news has never been unable to confirm this.