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    Hello from css-html to WordPress webmaster


    I went on line for the first time in May 20, 2013 with a strictly css and html based static web site. Maintenance issues regarding the adding and moving around of structural elements such as menus and menu items led me to convert to Word Press in June 2014. Before moving to WordPress however I took a broad look at several other CMS, not retaining any of them just because they did not support multilingual web sites. Then I spent a huge amount of time developing a prototype site with Drupal just to get the hang of things. I loved it. But when my prototype crashed I realized I did not have the degree of technical depth to understand the problem or to know in what direction the solution might lie. Also I realized that Drupal documentation was geared to people who were a lot more technically oriented than I was.

    At first I was looking at WordPress from the logical perspective I had learned from Drupal, which made it difficult for me to figure out how to build my site with WordPress in a way that did not have the look and feel of a blog. I wanted a site not a blog. When I finally understood the basic premises under which WordPress operated, and found a WordPress framework that met the requirements I was looking for, I began to feel quite at home with WordPress, and everything has been running smoothly ever since.

    I am interested in joining the present site because I like to document what I do and to document it in a context where others can add to it so that we can all learn from each other. For example, I have posted a couple of questions on the WordPress forum. Then as I found pieces of the answer, I posted what I had found. If others participate, it just gives me extra things to think about which might be helpful. If not, fine. I can go back to what I posted to remember what I had done, and start from there if I need more on the same issue.

    So I'm glad to have found this site, which seems intended for the sharing of technical know-how in ways compatible with what I just described.
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