I'm selling a browser based game in two languages ( English and Bulgarian )
The Bulgarian ver. was released 8 months ago. The English ver. was released 2 months ago.

At first we were thinking to name the English ver. (ZombieAge.net), but later on decided that the two versions would be under one name only with subdomain for different languages. The domain ( ZombieAge. net ) is not ours, if you want to change the name you have to buy it.
You can see links of the game down below.

The game URLs:
English HomePage: en.hellzombie.com
English PromoPage: en.hellzombie.com/promo.php
Bulgarian HomePage: bg.hellzombie.com
Bulgarian PromoPage: bg.hellzombie.com/promo.php

About Hell Zombie:

Your hero:
On this page you can see your avatar, the weapons he's using at the moment. Here you can also see the objects he had collected through battles with the zombies. At the bottom you can see your hero's - 'skills' which you can change according to your needs after every level. Also the statistic of your hero right from the start.

The map:
This is the map with all the infected cities, the most important page in the game. On the map you can find the infected areas with different zombies which you have to kill before the strain spreads all around the world . You can accept missions from Aleksia which you can take while playing.

Battle with zombie:
Our greatest pride, the alternative battle with zombies which you can't find in another browser based game.
In the battle with zombies you can choose 6 different attacks.
1 - Attack
2 - Double attack
3- Cover up and attack
4 - Certain attack
5 - Ricochet
6 - Attack and Blood

In a rough battle you can use the 4 additional attacks which can help you defeat the zombie easier.
1- Recharge your weapon without ending the battle.
2 - Healing your hero 100% Blood.
3 - Double life.
4 - Double strength.

The shop is the only place survived after the zombie attack of the cities. The place where you can buy your weapons needed for the battle : weapons, armors, helmets and boots.

The zombie invasion rises with every day, approaching cities with people who are yet to be evacuated. Blocking their way, the zombies seek human flesh to satisfy their hunger. You are the only hope for thousands of people who are hoping to stay alive. Accept the missions given to you which will bring you glory and money from every successful mission.


- PHP - core, back-end.
- Database: MySQL
- Templates engine separating code/design/language
- Java Script

What you'll get when buying the game:
- Php, html, css and etc. of the game
- all .psd files
- domain name (hellzombie.com)
- Hosting is not included ( If needed, we'll help with the transfer )

* The graphics of the game ( items, guns, armors, boots, helmets, zombies and the avatars ) are free resources.

The business is based on a free model. The game is free to play but if the player wants to be good, he/she has to buy a VIP(premium package) and/or Gold. The VIP unlocks a list of additional features not available to free users. Additionally the game can also make money by displaying advertisements.

Note that the game has never been officially released and the current players are based on cross-promotional and viral traffic.

Reason for the sale - Our company is now focused on mobile games development.

You can bid for the game in flippa: