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    PHP HTML Image Map Form

    I did a little looking around and I cannot get this form to work. It has been a few years since I have done any HTML work so if I overlooked something any assistance would be great.

    I was only working on getting the Temp_Up button to work and once that was operating I was going to edit the rest of the code.

    <img id="ACRemote" src="ac_remote.png" border="0"

    width="191" height="349" orgWidth="191" orgHeight="349" usemap="#ACRemote" alt="" />
    <form name"ACForm" action="" method="post">

    <map name="ACRemote" id="ACRemote">

    <area alt="" title="AC_On" shape="rect" coords="17,12,82,67" style="outline:none;" target="_self" onclick="onclick" />
    <area alt="Fan_Up" title="Fan_Up" shape="rect" coords="11,84,68,140" style="outline:none;" target="_self" onclick="On_Click" />
    <area alt="Fan_Down" title="Fan_Down" shape="rect" coords="12,158,67,210" style="outline:none;" target="_self" onclick="On_Click" />
    <area alt="Cool" title="Cool" shape="rect" coords="67,125,124,179" style="outline:none;" target="_self" onclick="On_Click" />
    <area alt="Temp_Up" title="Temp_Up" shape="rect" coords="124,83,181,137" style="outline:none;" onclick="document.ACForm.submit()" name ="Cool" value="Cool"/>
    <area alt="Temp_Down" title="Temp_Down" shape="rect" coords="124,161,181,215" style="outline:none;" target="_self" onclick="On_Click" />
    <area alt="Energy_Svr" title="Energy_Svr" shape="rect" coords="67,201,124,255" style="outline:none;" target="_self" onclick="On_Click" />
    <area alt="Auto_Fan" title="Auto_Fan" shape="rect" coords="6,234,63,288" style="outline:none;" target="_self" onclick="On_Click" />
    <area alt="Fan_Only" title="Fan_Only" shape="rect" coords="69,282,126,336" style="outline:none;" target="_self" onclick="On_Click" />

    if(isset($_GET['Cooler'])) {
    if(isset($_GET['Cool'])) {
    if(isset($_GET['Warm'])) {
    if(isset($_GET['Warmer'])) {

    function CoolerFunc(){
    echo "Cooler Button Clicked";
    $output = shell_exec('/home/pi/./acd5');

    function CoolFunc(){
    echo "Cool Button Clicked";
    $output = shell_exec('irsend SEND_ONCE ac KEY_KPMINUS');

    function WarmFunc(){
    echo "Warm Button Clicked";
    $output = shell_exec('irsend SEND_ONCE ac KEY_KPPLUS');

    function WarmerFunc(){
    echo "Warmer Button clicked";
    $output = shell_exec('/home/pi/./acu5');


    Thanks again.

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