Hello! We are going to create about 50-100 webpages for our website. These will be pages with our solutions descriptions. They all have the similar format, so we decided to use text spinning technique for this task implementation. There by we have several questions for people who have any experience with spinning technique:

1. What software do you use for spinning?

2. What parameters of the spinned text generation should be used for search engine to consider the texts as qualified content (= get indexed, stay in index for long time, rank good):
a. percentage of matches (as far as I know <5% recommended);
b. shingle (about 4);
c. text size (at least 200 words).

3. What more tricks would you recommend? Maybe adding about 70-100 words of unique manually created content to each spinned text ? By the way we will also add solution specific long tailed keywords in each text.