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    Question Print Web pages that use Frames

    We have IE 5.0 installed in our company. I have web pages(part of the intranet site) that have four frames (top, left navigation, main contents,and footer). The main contents page has contents that requires the user to scroll down.
    When i print the page(using "Print as laid out on screen" only the visible part of the frame is printed along with the other frames. How can i print the page so that all the contents of the main frame are printed with the other frames.


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    Sounds like a cut and paste (old style) operation to me. While printing from your own computer is via an entire file, that from a web site, especially one with frames isn't - it merely being a dump of whatever is on the screen.

    There may be programs of which I'm unaware that will do what you want in one operation and someone may post later about any that might exist. In the meantime, if I were you, I'd print each frame (file) as a stand alone and paste them together the old newspaper way. If that's needed for others via access off the web, the result could be placed in one large .jpg file for them to download and/or print - that file first being created as a .bmp and then converted to the smaller .jpg profile.

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    u can't, so you'll have to print the page with the content only and add the other frames if u want them. why would u want to print the other frames anyway?

    anyway, put the code below in your <head> in the page that u want to allow users to print. hope that helps
    dont forget to change the framename to the name of the frame

    ****code begins****
    <script language='javascript'>
    function PrintFrame
    ****code ends****

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