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    mailform birthdate

    Hi all,

    I made a mailform in PHP.
    in that form someone has to fill out their birthdate.
    it have to look like this:

    [day] - [month] - 19 [year] so it would be:

    [01] - [01] - 19[67]

    maybe with a dropdownmenu.

    at this moment i have this as a big textarea.

    anyone ?
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    You might get some ideas by looking at the source code at:


    The <SELECT ...> boxes should be able to be inserted where needed. Getting the formatted output to another page is beyond my abilities (without help from the web host supplying the .cgi).

    Make sure you allow users to input 1, jan, january, Jan, January, JAN, JANUARY or any other combination thereof instead of having to enter 01. There's nothing worse than using a computer to force a human being to do all the computing in their own heads - sort of reminds me of when the first computers were used more as fast typewriters than as real computational devices.

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