UPOINT dotNET ( www.upoint.net/cgiscripts.updn ) has recently launched a new remotely hosted service called Remote Web Publisher (RWP). It is a tool that hosting resellers can add to their existing packages for free or at a fee.

We are now ready to issue licenses to web developers and hosting resellers.

Currently there are many HTML editors out there but very very few are remotely hosted. The only one that we know is Atomz.com's "Atomz Publisher". However, they only target at big organizations and the minimum fee is US$15,000~US$20,000/year.

Demo and F.A.Q of RWP: http://www.upoint.info

UPOINT's Remote Web Publisher (RWP) is **NOT** an online web builder. We do not host the customers' web pages. RWP is a remotely hosted online editing tool that updates the contents of the customers' web pages which reside in the customers' own servers.

This mySQL-based content management system allows a web maintenance manager and his group of non-techie web operators to update a website's contents via ordinary browsers. The group manager (master user) can assign different HTML pages to be made editable to different group members (slave users). With the built-in 2-way messaging system, effective communication can be carried out between master user and slave users. An image upload tool is also included. Of course, there are many other features.

- Offer this tool to your web hosting customers for free OR
- Offer the various accounts as optional items OR
- Sell them separately at any prices you like OR
- Offer free accounts (with limited features) to attract customers.

- A setup fee of US$900.00. No renewal fee.
- We charge you a fee based on the number of PAID accounts you have. The fee is as low as US$1.00/month for the P0025 account which standard price is US$12/month. The fee will be waived if the total is less than US$100/month (that is unfortunate for both you and us :-). I.e., you can give away 100 P0025 accounts.
- A hosting fee of US$220/year with 3GB/month bandwidth (both you and us will be laughing to the banks if you can hit one third of this). Additional at US$15/Gb.

- You choose your own domain name - www.yourdomain.com
- You use your own logo and build up your own brand name.
- You use your own digital certificate (since SSL must be used).
- You will have FTP access to the hosting account except one folder where the main scripts of RWP reside. Sorry, folks! We have to protect the scripts.
- You can also customize the template files of RWP.
- A separate script called @1 Helpdesk XP will also be pre-installed for you. Details please see www.upoint.net/cgiscripts.updn

You will have full access to the password-protected ACP with the following features:

- Usage:: This shows you (in each month) the number of members you have for various accounts.
- Mail to Webmasters:: This allows you to send bulk mails to the master administrators of the accounts.
- Announcement:: Post annoucement on the main page of the user interface so that all master administrators can see it.
- Free/Paid Accounts:: This shows you separately the free/paid accounts you have.
- User Management:: Eg. create new accounts, manage users, set account validity periods, check customers' server settings .... etc.
- Search:: Search for accounts.

Demo of RWP is available at http://www.upoint.info . If you need to try out the PAID account (with unlimited features), please first create a FREE account, then contact us at email removed (place "RWP - your account username" in the subject field) so that we may create a 2-week account for you.