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    Form Handling Script for 'Tell A Friend' Form


    I am trying to set up a form for a 'Tell A Friend' section on my website.
    The submitter has the option to tell up to five people by giving their name and email address. Each contact is then sent an auto responder email with the submitters details on, recommending my site. I have a problem with the script I am using though. If the submitter only puts in four, three, two,one or no email addresses, the from will not send, because the script is looking for five emails to send five autoresponders.

    I could do with a script that effectively says "if there is an email in this box, then send auto responder to the email. If there is no email, do not send"

    At the moment I am overcoming the problem by putting a dummy email in each box on the form.

    You can see what I mean at:


    I got the idea from:


    It seems to work ok on this form.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


    Tim Beadle

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    Ideally, you would need to edit /cgi-bin/cgiemail to do this.

    Probably best bet is to make a loop thru each of the addresses, and send each individually. Failing that, you could have address1, address2 etc and then process each of these separately in the cgiemail. Either way, its going to need editing of the cgi script. Did you write it, or did you download it from somewhere?
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