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    Whats My Site Need?

    What does my site need? I know the lay out it is not that good, but what does my lay out need? I use frames. My sites url is [B]islandthunder.tk[/B]


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    You layout would be fine, a classic layout if it was not within frames.

    On my 800*600 resolution, the links in the left frame are not all visible, I have to scroll sideways.

    Lets analyse the frames:

    Top Frame: holds an image. Just an image. Uses roughly 30% of my screen in my resolution. Whats the point of having it framed? To save loading it again? Its a single image, its cached on my hardrive anyway. No use at all.

    Left Frame: Contains text links. Again, why does this NEED to be in frames? I cannot see the point at all. All it does is make a very easy thing to use (a list of links) into a hard, horrible thing to use.

    Content Frame: Well, this is only here because the other two are in frames.

    Nowhere have we actually got a need for frames there, at all. So why use them? They make your page hard to bookmark, hard to use, and they look horrible.

    So my best advice is to chuck the frames out and layout your page with tables, or using CSS.

    Sorry for the rant, I have this thing against frames unless absolutely necessary (in case you hadn't noticed )
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    kinda difficult not to notice

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