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    Question Mass Mailing script

    I'm scratching my head on this one.

    Here's the plan. I'm building a database of company reps within my company. The database will hold several thousand reps.

    I've built an interface with php that allows you to sort through the MySQL database, picking certains reps that you want to email.

    For example, I may want to send an email to all reps in New York. So I'd specify NY is my search field. It'd return all those reps. Then I'd click a "Send Mail" button.

    All of this I can handle. But now I'm stuck.

    I'd like a php script that can handle being passed a list of a couple thousand email address and send an email with attachments.

    But I want the script to be very simple. No interface is necessary. No list maintenance is necessary. Just send the mail to a bunch of people.

    I've heard that the mail() command will not be sufficient for this number of emails. Which is why i need a script that can handle this stuff for me. Free is perfered... especially since most "pay for it" scripts also include an interface... which I don't want.


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    Re: Mass Mailing script

    You can use phpmailer this is easy and is a lot faster than the mail function.

    Hope that it helps.


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