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    Creating Table of contents for printing

    I have a large HTML document (updated often) with a large Table of Contents (that changes often as well). My clients frequently print this document instead of viewing it on their computer. Unfortunately, once it has been printed the table of contents is useless because there are no page numbers (too bad technology is not advanced enough to allow hyperlinks to work on paper).

    Is there a script I can use to create a table of contents with page numbers for printing. It can be attached to a print button or anything else. Any suggestions........

    It has to be dynamic (i.e. I don't want to enter page numbers every time I modify the document, it's over 200 pages!)

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    u can use a script to write out a text file and have the user print that out i suppose. sorry if i'm a lil short of ideas. it's 2am on a friday nite. my mind is elsewhere

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