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    one or two stylesheets

    I'm working on a project that has waaay too many CSS files governing the pages. This being a corporate site, many people have modified the CSS's and all sorts of havoc has resulted, mostly b/c of duplicitous names of classes in different sheets. "bodycopy" defined one way on this.css and another way in that.css. I should add that most of these CSS's are not b/c of browser fixes, but for different types of content in different areas.

    I'd like to distill it down to two, although I'm tempted to make it one. My question is:
    • If I create two, am I in the clear as long as I'm conscientious to eliminate the duplicate class names?

    • Are there any cautions to avoid when deploying multiple stylesheets.

    While there are probably opinions on both sides of the fence, if you have an opinion can you explain why you see it as 1 sheet or many?

    Thanks to all in advance!

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    Hi there,

    Two stylesheets is fine. One is also fine

    If you use more than one, the only thing to realy remember is that the 'later' stylesheet will override the 'earlier' stylesheet, with 'later' being defined as being called second in the html page.

    As long as you eliminate the clashing classes then there is no reason why you can't use as many sheets as you like. If your stylesheet is going to be as huge as it sounds, it may be worth splitting it up furthur. maybe a stylesheet for forms, a stylesheet for structure, a stylesheet for links etc.

    It sounds like you have a big job ahead of you (I had to clean up my employers intranet, took weeks) but good luck, I am sure the results will be worth it.
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