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    Avoiding nested tables or grouping separate tables in chunks

    I'm working on a project that I've inherited and I'm trying to clean up the code. There were nested tables all over and it displayed ok, but I know there's a better way. But as I wander into this mess, I can almost understand why this character needed the nested tables.

    Without pasting in code (yet), the solution of one table w/various rows & columns doesn't quite work. Eventually, there lands a column or row that needs to span a different height or width than the rest of the cells. Any ideas on how to manage this mess.

    Everytime I think I have hang of tables, then something stumps me yet again. :-( thanks folks....

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    You may want to consider using CSS for positioning. Dean has some great css tutorials.


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    Okay first, if the site you mention is accessible via the internet please provide a link that way it could be viewed and some intelligent (hopefully) suggestions could be better made from that point.

    Second, yes in indeed tables can be an absolute mess of the worst kind driving you to the point of no sleep--especially if there are nest upon nest having to span and overlap and overlay.

    CSS would be the king of all kingdoms if you've got time to pull off the study. While this is not a killer site or anything view nbsystemsinc.com when you get a chance and look behind at the code... look ma no tables!!!

    Depends on the complication level..... but if we can have a link to the site we can go from there.