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    Question Checkboxes on form = mailto recipients

    I have used Mats FormMail and love it.

    I know how to make a check-box form so that when the form is submitted it sends an email to me then an auto response to the person who filled out the form, as long as they gave a good e-mail address.

    What I would like to do is take this one step further and fix it so that they get an individual auto response with information about each item they checked and none they did not.

    If they check the boxes indicating they are interested in more information about Items A and C but not B they would receive two auto response emails. One specifically about product A and one about product C

    Does anyone know how to do that?

    Ive figured out the basics of configuring hidden fields on my form like email, redirect, required, etc but I cant figure this one out by myself.

    Can you give me the field name and syntax for this or some instructions?

    Or if you can point me to a form page that does this, I might be able to see how they did it as well.

    Thank you for your help.

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    matts formmail clone is not capable of this type of processing, its not what it is designed for.

    Your options are -

    A) Learn some Perl/CGI and amend the code
    B) Learn PHP (which is easier and better) @ www.php.net/ and write one from scratch
    C) head over to www.hotscripts.com and see if there is anything there that will do what you wish.

    Personally, I would go ahead and learn a server-side language, as there is no replacement for writing the code yourself. Hope that helps.
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