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    Submit button on form doesn't work - why?

    I have a form on my website (www.uktripplanner.com). The form has been created, I don't need help regarding how to design a form or an actual submit button.
    I simply need a code which will send the information on my form to my email address.
    I am a complete amateur, so don't understand the jargon on other people's messages; that's why I'm asking for help myself.
    All I need is a code, and to be told where to put it. I am using Dreamweaver, so can I just 'stick it in' when the page is in "code view"?
    Please help, as no one I have asked has a clue, and it can't be that complicated, can it?

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    It seems complicated sometimes, but its not.

    There are basically two ways to send a form via email. One is to have

    <form action="mailto:my@email.com">
    This seems easy, but it does not work. You might eventually get it to work for you, but for all your other visitors it will not work.

    The best method is to submit your form to a server-side script. All this means is that your form goes to a page that is capable of using the servers email to send your email, and act as an interface between the web and the server.

    The easiest was is to use your hosts sendmail script. If your host has one (most do) then they should also have documentation in their support pages telling you how to submit to it.

    If your host supports a server-side language called PHP then I have a mailer script somewhere you can use if the sendmail does not work for you.
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