Hello to all of you, this is a Very nice forum.
I'm Eric, and i'f from wavenom.com

A free BannerLess Hosted Website Enhancement site.

offering forums,chat rooms, counters, guestbooks.

lots of good stuff for people who want to create a Simple site.

We don't have ads or anything like that. So we don't make money off our members. So if you see wavenom.com posted around please don't think it's spam. I'm just trying to spread the word a bit and help people out.

Anyways. Back to me! lol
I'm from Canada( British Columbia)
I'm 20 and have been a Webmaster for 2 years now. It's a Rewarding job.

I like Trance music and the web...
And of course the Ladys. hehe

Take cares..!