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    Site Map questions.

    I'm just getting my head around setting up a sitemap. I remember reading somewhere about search engine spiders having troubles with nested tables and such. I'm thinking of using nested ULs to physically show the hierarchy of the site. Is there a preferred (or optimum) method?
    What about styling? Is this liable to affect the spidering in any way? I'd like it to have the feel of the rest of the site.
    Does one include meta-tags?
    Is there a preferred (particular) name for the sitemap? Or is "sitemap.html" just a convention?
    I'm not looking to trick or deceive the search engine, but what would be the most common mistakes done by designers in setting up a sitemap?
    Any comments appreciated.

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    AHFB is nested table hell, the search engines have no problems with it at all. Where you may run into a problem with nested tables is if it adds TOO much code to your page. It has been rumored that Google stops at 100kb of code, so anything more than that may not get spidered.

    Another potential problem is too many links on the sitemap. Another Google "rumor" is that they do not spider anything after the 100th link.

    Your idea of uls is a good one, but I would also include category headers in an h1 tag. Of course both should be styled.


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