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Thread: form submission

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    form submission

    I have a simple form that I created for an intranet site at work. Basically it is a vendor maintenance form for changes in contact information and the like. I'd like to set up the "Submit" button to e-mail the form, just as it is shown on the screen, to or data entry person.

    I'm doing this on Frontpage 2002, and I've tried the mailto: command, and it e-mails the submission, but it doesn't e-mail the form in the format that it was entered.

    I know I probably need a script of some type if I want the form processed the way I want. I e-mailed our intranet administrator and he told me that our intranet server uses ColdFusion, and not PHP or Perl. Is there a way to get what I am looking for using ColdFusion? I know nothing about it.


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    Now I'm not being biased for PHP or anything but Coldfusion probably is the worst choice you could pick. Makes the easy things hard and the hard things impossible. I would switch servers personally if Coldfusion was the only serverside language there, but if you want to stick with it run "coldfusion mail script" or something simliar.

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    I am not familiar with Coldfusion so I could well be wrong in my answer. The form does not control the formatting of the email, thus if there is any hope it would be in the mailserver config but I have doubts that you would find anything that will alter the formatting.


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