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    Lightbulb Which Sites/People have had the Biggest Impact on WEB/INTERNET

    In your opinions...

    Which Websites or People have had the biggest impact on
    The WEB
    The Internet

    This could be either:
    taken them into New Directions, New Perspectives,
    Aesthically, Contentwise, Adding New Dimensions... :question:
    where it is very likely they are currently
    impacting them in an enormously, permanent way .. :question:
    How do you see the Evolution of the "net" a few decades from now

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    Hmmmm.....fun to ponder.....

    As I'm not sure what kind of answer you're looking for, I'll offer my opinions based on the question you pose in the subject:
    "Which Sites/People have had the Biggest Impact on WEB/INTERNET ?" and supply a reason for their inclusion in my list.
    1. GOOGLE: What searching for information should be like:fast, concise, small previews. My only suggestion to them is that they should have hint's on the first page as to how to conduct a better search.
    2. AMAZON: Electronic retailing at it's best; a living model for future online retailers.
    3. EBAY: A genuine online community bent on buying/selling/swapping.
    4. W3C: An online (and, unfortunately, little known) free resource of standards development and introduction regarding the ways that information can be gathered and distributed (Not to mention the fact that I work for one of the members of the consortium!)
    5. "WINTEL" PC manufacturers: I currently have two PCs at home, and I carry a laptop for work, and I am also in possession of a couple of older machines. Contrast that with twelve years ago when I had nothing but an electronics degree and a desire to learn what computers were capable of. I also have two older but quite capable PCs that are quite suitable for a newbie to learn how to surf, do email, maybe some online banking, etc. Wintel PCs are ubiquitous in the home, and the developers/manufacturers in concert with software developers (ie. graphical browsers and user interfaces) have done a fantastic job of maintaining standards and keep the "cost" of membership to the online community within reach of more and more people (even my Mom!). PC's are everywhere.....including landfill.
    6. BILL GATES: a man, an idea, sound business sense. Responsible for the "bubble gum" that keeps the info-pipes full. Sure, there are (better) options than doing things his way, but you can't deny the influence he and MS has had on the internet.

    That about does it.

    As to the future of the "Internet", I see a time when it's no longer capitalized. For example, we watch television (not Television), listen to the radio(not Radio), wash the dishes (not Dishes). I'm going to stick my neck out and predict that there will be a time when it just becomes the internet, and no longer capitalized (Internet).

    Good Answer?

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    Hmm. Good question. Makes me think...

    I'll reverse order. The future of the internet, to me, will see it disappear. Don't panic!

    I mean, it will no longer be something we think about. It will just be the 'net'. Your phone, EVERY computer, all household appliances, everything will be on the net. Of course, one something is everywhere, it becomes part of the background.

    It hard to explain, but I see the future as 'world wide web' meaning exactly that, the net will be everywhere. In a way, we are privelilged to use it in its relatively early years.

    Influential? http://www.w3.org/ . Been mentioned, but its worth mentioning again. Without the w3 my future vision will not ever happen
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    Nice thread, 3 months and this is the first time I have seen it.

    The biggest impact award IMO would have to go to Larry and Serg for what they have done to the search sector. An extra thumbs up for doing it as a private company.