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    how to make the scroll bar stay at the bottom?

    inside one page have two sides (left and right).on the left there will be 35 small pictures (with a scroll bar).in all the 35 small pictures, only the first picture will be in color, the others are black and white ….and when the pictures is mouse over, it turns to have color. When one of the pictures is clicked, the bigger version of the picture will appear on the right side and on the right side will also have back and next button .this button is used to go to previous picture and the next picture.

    for example: of course the first time, in the left side of the page will be the 1st small picture (picture 1)in color, the rest is in black and white; and on the right side there is a big version of picture 1 with color. and also back and next button where only the next button is working. when the next button is clicked : (on the right side) will turn the picture 1(bigger version) into picture 2 ; (on the left side) the small picture 1 turn to black and white, and small picture 2 turns to color, and the rest is in black and white.
    When I click picture 35, picture 2 (on the right) will change to picture 35 and also picture 35 (on left) will change into color.
    Because the small pictures are using scroll bar,so only picture 1-30 can be seen,we’ll have to scroll down to see picture31-35.
    Actually I have managed to use different2 page ,but because it’s different2 page, after I clicked small picture 35,it will go to picture 35.html …so the scroll bar will go up again.so it will be weird.
    So do you know how to make the bar in scroll bar will be in the bottom when we go to different page?and what is your suggestion to handle this problem?
    And another problem is,how to just change the scroll bar in some part of the page,but it wont affect the main window scroll bar.
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    hiya, welcome to the forums

    i have read your post twice and to be honest, I do not have a clear picture of what you wish to achieve.

    Do you have a link to the work done so far? you can then use that visual example to maybe explain exactly what you need to happen.
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    hi, thx for welcoming me :P
    i guess my explaination wasnt so good afterall.... ..so i have editted my thread by attaching the page i have done.
    hope u get a clear picture now.
    the small pictures there,i put inside layer (auto) so when preview will have scrollbar. and also when clicked one of the small pictures there(for example when i clicked small picture no.15,it will go to resort15.htm).it works well...but since i use different2 page,when i click the small picture that can only be seen after i scroll down the scrollbar (that is pic 31-35),coz it links to different page,the bar in scroll bar will go back to the top.so it wont be nice for the user.
    what i want to do is to make the bar will stay at the bottom.
    but eventhough i do find the way to make the bar stay at the bottom,i'm afraid it might affecting the scroll bar in the main window...so do u guys know how?
    bcoz when i change the color of scroll bar in the layer,it changed the color of scrollbar in main window as well.
    thx 4 ur reply quietdean :P

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