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    Post Logo Help

    I have a logo 3/4 completed, http://www.angelfire.com/anime2/allstarr/Logo.GIF but I can't seam to "complete it", I don't quite know what to add to it. I'm no logo artist, so it's not really high quality work, but if anyone can offer suggestions or add the "something", haha, it's missing, that would be very helpfull. I know to run a good web site you need to probably be able to dish out some money, but I'm at a loss of that for a while, so I can't get a pro to make it for me. Any help would be appretiated.

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    Your Logo

    First, I would flip-flop the placement of the "A Learner's Guide" and "To HTML," for readability, cuz it's kinda backwards. Also, put HTML in all Caps. Fool around with fonts, and see if that doesn't fix your problem. A background of a dark blue or red color might help. What I usually do, is go around to other websites, look at other logos, and see what they do.

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    haha did u check the date on that one? That one was my older user name...and I got a quality logo now thanks to Blue. Haha but thanks for the assistance anyways, if you have a web site or something when my site comes out I could list ya in my graphics site and then u could also offer your "get my name out" program at your site And when it pays off then you change it to your "I'll make you a graphic for money" site

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