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Thread: Fresh meat

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    Talking Fresh meat

    An introduction..hmm.

    Well, the name is Crystal. I've been building (very crappy) sites for around four years...but only recently started getting into the HTML, Java, ect stuff. Thank god, too! If you all could have seen my pathetic page-builder sites a few years ago..

    Well anywho, I'm still in the learning stage so I figure it's best not to go spend all my money on a domaine untill I actually have something to make a website for. Now my sites are all for personal interests...nothing that would actually pull random traffic, you know? Ah, I suppose I should give you the links!

    Current site :


    Mine especially needing help. Any suggestions or tips on my codes? I've only gotten feedback from people who don't use/know HTML or Java, so I'm interested to see the outlook from you all

    I've already learned a few things from this forum, IE - the div codes and dashed lines So thanks for that!

    And thanks ahead of time if you reply!
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    Re: Fresh meat

    Hello Crystal,
    since you have been building even crappy sites, you might help me.
    I am a chef, so if you eat it I can do it. Other than that I have trouble changing lightbulbs.
    In hopes of someday building a web site I took the advise of a friend and purchased www.shortchef.com,
    now I am working with a group that wants to take on this project and asked me where did you buy the domaine name from. I don't know, don't remember, have no idea.
    Is there someway for me to find out?
    Thanks in advance if you can assist me. My e-mail address is raynewlands@usa.net
    Thanks again, Ray Newlands - Miami Florida

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