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    Hello, need help with a script I'm making

    Hello, need help with a script I'm making.

    I have setup this script and its working fine. Now I would like to take this basic script to
    a new level and have it save to a HTML page instead of just a text file.

    This is the basic CGI script for processing Web forms. The script will take the
    information from the Web forms and save it to a tab-delimited text file, responses.txt, in
    your public_html directory while printing a brief message to the Web browser.

    I would like to get this script to save the info from the web form to a HTML webpage
    rather then a simple text file.

    If someone could help me with this I would greatly appreciate it.

    Here is the basic script that I have so far.

    use CGI;
    $file = '../tutorial_files/responses.txt';
    print "Content-type:text/html\n\n";
    print '<HTML><HEAD><TITLE>saveform.cgi results</TITLE></HEAD>';
    print '<BODY BGCOLOR="FF0066">';
    print '<h2>Thank you for your form submission.</h2>';
    print '</BODY></HTML>';
    open(FILE, ">>$file")||die "Can't open $file";
    flock(FILE, 2)||die "Can't lock $file";
    foreach $i (keys %in) {
    print FILE "$in{$i}\t";
    print FILE "\n";
    close(FILE) || die "Can't close $file";


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    I am by no means an expert on Perl (in fact, I only know how to break it) but It looks like you have most of it above already. All that remains is to output your variables to the same page (and maybe change the filename to responses.html) and it should work fine.
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    Thanks.. I'll play with it a bit see what I can come up with.

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