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    reselling web hosting

    I want to research all of the necessary aspects of web host reselling before I jump in. Choosing a good business plan for web host reselling is my primary concern. (Dave, please feel free to move this post and your response to a new thread. Just let me know where you put it since I am new to this website.)

    My main concern is the cut throat nature of the industry and how it seems to affect so many into choosing poor business plans. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    Thank you so much for the external link to http://www.webhostingtalk.com/forumdisplay.php?forumid=29 forum. It appears to be an excellent resource.
    In regard to your comment about choosing a good business plan and how easy it is to become a reseller that even a child could be approved, I guess I better tell you real quick what my background is so that you aren't shooting in the dark when answering my questions.
    I am an Oracle Database Admin with an emphasis on Unix and Sequel. I have formal education in this area. I am familiar with firewalls, redundency, dedicated servers, etc. I have been hand coding and designing websites for 5 years. I am also an artist with formal education in both marketing and graphic design. I can fully support Adobe product questions and just about any software out there that is mainstream. I have been a computer instructor for all of the Microsoft Office Suite products.
    The reselling I plan to do is not to the general public although that will come later. My main concern right now is setting up a reseller account to accomodate my ten friends who are in the computer industry and who are branching out as a hobby. They all need their own personal shopping cart sites related to auctions to sell products such as antiques, computer hardware, pet supplies, etc.
    In my research on the www, I came across two types of web hosts offering reselling: 1. support provided by the reseller and 2. annonymous support provided by the web host. Since I am just getting into this I am in favor of the second option.
    As far as my business plan, I am building a resource page for Webmasters including the link you gave me to WebHostingTalk.com. I also am including other resources such as a link to AHFB2000, a list of template sites, tutorial links for FrontPage, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Paintshop Pro, and more.
    I invision myself as being the admin, enabling permissions, etc. for now and later on I will be providing my own free templates as a marketing draw for auction related webmasters.
    What are the elements of a good business plan that I am missing so that I can target my research into those areas? After all, one doesn't know what they don't know, right?
    My business plan for now is simply to resell shopping cart space to my friends as small business owners and also to host my own ecommerce site. I have started a chart, which is a check list of all features provided amongst the various web hosts including supported file formats and programming tools; hours of availability for tech support, dedicated versus non-dedicated capabilities, Frontpage support, etc.
    I don't expect to make money off this in the beginning. It will be a learning process.
    I don't plan to choose the cheapest Web Host because cheapest is rarely the best value.
    With that on the table, where are holes in my business plan?

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    I was pretty sure already I was not dealing with sombody with an allowance and a pipe dream

    I wish I was in a position to give you a complete checklist, I can however answer specific questions on what I have seen folks be successful with and what I have seen folks fail with.

    I will see what I can do to get some better feedback for you.


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    I've just recently gotten a reseller account and I've been playing with it to learn. So far, I'm just hosting some friends (at no cost). WHT is a great resource and I spend lots (too much) time there every day. If you have any questions about specific companies offerering reseller plans, I might be able to help, because I searched for months before I settled on the one that I'm using.

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