Hi everyone,
I'm new to both this forum and html. I've recently begun a video production company and am dealing mainly with cd distribution. I would like to make my own menus that will pop up, using an autorun program, and provide links to the video file as well as the company website via buttons on the menu. Many people produce small programs to do this. The programs that I've found allow for zero creativity. Therefore, I would like to make my own.
I've found many helpful threads on this forum. I've even tried the popup window maker, which is great. Unfortunately, I'm looking for just the popup window (to be used as the menu) without a main window. Running the script always produces a full sized main window, then the properly sized window. I'm wondering if html can be used to produce only a small (420x540) window without the toolbars and scrollbars to contain all the links/buttons I need as well as embed the video file.
Right now I'm just seeing how do-able this is. If anyone can point me in the right direction, I'd really appreciate it.

Thank you,