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    php - sub character

    ok, the last project was a bit over my head, so i found out...

    i'm working on a stripped down version now, and it's working. woot woot!

    i do have two little problems...

    when some one types the ' character it reads back with forward slash marks. i don't think this is a tough one, but i can't find anything on it.

    also, i'm trying to format the text like the user has it. how can i tell it to add a "<br> tag when it comes to a "\n"?

    robert koons

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    Hi pegboy,

    Its automatically putting the slashes in to escape them, remove them using stripslashes() , example -
    PHP Code:
    $string stripslashes($string); 
    also, stripcslashes() does a similar job

    There is also a function for converting line-breaks to <br /> tags, called nl2br(), similar useage -

    PHP Code:
    $string nl2br($string); 
    have fun
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