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    Angry Placing list or table on right side of page

    I am creating a home page and I have put a list of categories on the left side of the page, and I am trying to put a list of shops on the other side of the page. My list on the left is okay, but the one on the right will not go to the top of the page. It starts just below where the left side list is. I have VALIGN="TOP" but that does not work. I have these as two separate tables. Should they be done somehow as just one table??? If so, how?

    I was up all night last night trying to fix it, worked on it for 12 hours straight.

    I have tried every HTML and Table Tutorial site I could find, but nothing helps. It just will not go to the top.

    If anyone can help and would like to see what I have done, it is at http://www.e-shoppers-mall.com

    I need help really BAD because my homepage looks awful!!

    Much appreciate to anyone with suggestions.
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    you must use 1 single table. Here is an example and the source code http://www.ahfb2000.com/htmltables.php

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