For those of you that are hosted at

An email was sent out to many of its users today proclaiming the shut down of webhosting, the text of which follows
Dear customer,
Due to the unfortunate events that have occured during the past week, we are unable to continue operations at You have previously been advised that a hacker obtained a partial database of client information, including credit card details. Addr has been working closely with Visa and Mastercard and has given its full co-operation to assist them in minimizing consumer fraud as a result of this incident.

However, our merchant bank has decided not to continue to allow Addr to accept credit card payments from Visa and Mastercard customers in the future, and to freeze all recent payments made within the last 30 days by clients. Our management team have been working around the clock to try and secure a resolution to this situation but unfortunately we have been unsuccessful.

The freezing of a large amount of working capital and the bank's decision not to allow us to accept future payments has resulted in our inability to maintain service to our clients beyond this week. This decision has taken the financial future of Addr out of our hands.

All servers will be turned off by our provider between Saturday 14th April and Monday 16th April.

We apologize for the severe inconvenience this will no doubt cause you. Please do not try and contact our company via telephone as they are no longer being operated. If you would like to request a refund for unused service fees you have prepaid then please make your request in writing to the following address:

Addr Refund Requests
3031 Tisch Way
Floor 10, Suite 1006
San Jose, CA 95128

If you need to contact us by email then please use the following address: removed Our website and email at the domain will be discontinued shortly and will not function. We cannot reply to email from our domain. will attempt to make a refund of all unused service fees if possible, when funds are made available by our bank. We cannot guarantee that a 100% refund will be available, but will make every effort to reimberse all clients as far as possible.

Sincerely, Management
This is a hoax, although addr did have some troubles recently, at this time they are not closing. If any of you have concerns you may contact Marc C. at 1 720 489 9969 ext: 225 M-F 10-6 MST.


Please do not take this as an endosement nor as criticism of, as I have no knowledge of this company. It is only meant to keep you the webmaster informed.