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    How can I add a wav file to a jpg for auction

    Hi, I am new and I need help. I sell on ebay and I am starting to sell a musical instrument that is hand made. I would like to add a wav file of the sound of the flute to the picture that I put in the description and a button for them to click to start the sound. I use FTP Explorer to store my pictures and put that address in with the name of the jpg to add my pics to ebay. Does anyone know how to do this? If you do, please tell me in layman's terms the steps I need to take. By the way I know how to record the sound and save it as a wav and I can send that to the FTP. Thanks kittykrystal

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    Re: How can I add a wav file to a jpg for auction

    Hiya, welcome to the forums

    While you cannot mix file types (in other words, you cannot have a picture that plays a song) you might be able to insert music if eBay allow HTML in your auction item.

    There is a tag called <embed> that will let you do this, an example of useage is here - http://www.ahfb2000.com/webmaster_he...ead.php?t=1874

    Remember, it all depends on whether eBay let you add HTML code to your item.
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